Brand new art center for children opens up at the National Gallery in Singapore

16/10/2015 11:07

KCAE entrace_s

The idea behind this new and enormous facility is to let children create art and curate exhibition items, all in one place. The facility should open its doors to the public somewhere in the November of this year.

Keppel Center for Art Education

Thanks to a donation of nearly $12 million by Keppel Corporation, the so called Keppel Centre for Art Education is the very first of its kind in the South-East Asia.

The new Center has various spaces dedicated to children and their creativity. There’s a special Art Corridor where children are allowed to change the looks of the corridor by playing around with movable elements.

Next to the corridor there’s also a Children’s Museum which is inspired by the locally famous┬áSingapore abstract artist Milenko Pravacki.

KCAE_workshop_s KCAE Art Corridor_s

The first couple of children that where allowed to visit the new Center said that it was really fun their and that they felt at home right away.

One of the students even mentions that she ‘likes the fact that there’s no famous art in the building but everything is made by the children themselves!’