New Zealand artist tattoo’s sick children for a ‘confidence boost’

03/06/2016 11:21


Don’t worry! They’re not permanent tattoo’s but spray brushed with a special ink that washes off in the shower!

So with that out of the way let’s talk about the touching reason this New Zealand tattoo artist decided to give children ink sleeves.

Benjamin Lloyd

Mr. Lloyd is a well known tattoo artist who has made name for himself in New Zealand by applying some of the most amazing artworks on people’s body’s.

Lately he’s been in the spotlights because he decided to spray non-permanent tattoo’s on sick children in order to give them a ‘confidence boost‘ in their times of need!


It all stated out with posting a picture on Facebook with his friend’s son sprat painted ink sleeve with the caption ’50 likes and i’ll go to Starship Hospital and tat (sic) all the kids up’

Needless to say, the next morning he woke up with news articles all over the globe and more than 400.000 likes and 11.000 shares of his post worldwide.

Lloyd explains that he’s amazed by the fact that the children in the hospital somehow forget about all of their problems and pains as soon as the tattoo is finished.

They can show it off to other patients in the hospital and it somehow boost their confidence by a thousandfold.

It takes about 15 minutes to spray one sleeve sized tattoo by making use of stencils and free-hand spraying methods.