The Next Big Thing in Youth Coaching

10/04/2013 08:42

youth coachingThe United Kingdom has a long and proud tradition of youth sport leagues, primarily in staples like football and rugby. By football, of course, the reference is to the UK’s version and not the version played across the pond in American stadiums. That may all be about to change, however, as American football is growing by the largest numbers ever in the United Kingdom in recent years. The demand for youth coaching is dramatically on the rise throughout the country. And it can all be blamed on London.

London Football: Not What it Used to Be
America’s National Football League recently began a policy of holding at least one professional competition in London per year. The league brings two of its biggest teams, with two of the largest fan bases, to the city and encourages locals to get involved. The gig is largely to appeal to the large number of American expats in the city, but a surprising number of locals have found the sport to be appealing.

So, too, have their kids. In recent years, the demand for “gridiron” coaching and instruction among youth players has skyrocketed. The sport is perceived as some sort of “extreme rugby” and many younger players are looking to prove themselves by excelling at this unique, foreign sport.

Consider The Transition to Gridiron
American football is apparently here to stay, and that means youth coaches should start brushing up on terms like touchdown, field goal, and, of course, time out.