The Social Media Pregnancy

21/03/2013 08:39

Social Media PregnancyWith more social media tools arising each day, it’s no surprise that pregnancy has become far more social than it used to be. In fact, pregnancy used to be a rather private matter that remained so until the baby was born. Today, fans and followers get to know every detail and see every purchase in real time. For those looking to share the process of bearing a child, here’s what to know and where to go.


The world’s largest and most influential social network has a timeline setting that allows for the sharing of a pregnancy. Future moms can share that they’re pregnant, and that the baby was born, all while doing so in the company of family and friends. Large pictures can be shared, and the news of birth can be transmitted to computers, phones, and tablets everywhere.

Known as a sort of online wish list, Pinterest is probably the best way to bookmark and visualize every idea for a baby’s wardrobe, their nursery, and the toys that will entertain them for years to come as they grow and develop. The service has become popular among moms who are looking to share and collect the best ideas online for raising and pampering their young child.

Diary Sites
Numerous sites exist that allow moms to keep a “diary” of things like kicks, ultrasounds, and the date when labor began. These unique sites also post to Twitter and Facebook, enhancing the social experience.

Great Tools for Future Moms
The pregnancy is now a social event that everyone on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest is invited to. Why not embrace these developments as a way to make family and friends feel more connected to the process?